Senior Project Manager / Business Developer

Senior Project Manager / Business Developer

Do you want to work in a leading and innovative applied research group with ambitious, dynamic, diverse and international research engineers that are active in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence?

Fulltime 1 fte = 36 hours

Your Characteristics:

  • An enthusiastic, analytical and decisive professional, who knows how to initiate, compose and effectively run new projects;
  • content driven, able to provide clear reports and presentations to project partners and stakeholders about the results of the project and to defend them;
  • flexible, reliable and agile, that can effectively interact with many partners within and outside saxion to build and expand a relevant network;
  • open minded, curious and decisive in terms of creating, seeing and taking relevant and feasible opportunities;
  • familiarity with hour application-oriented research is run in university of applied sciences is a plus;
  • communicative skills, you communicate smoothly both within and outside Saxion and you know how to keep the frogs in the cart?

Your Qualifications and Experience:

  • academic level of work and thinking in the direction of synergy between robotics &AI, and business;
  • demonstrable experience in setting up, executing and managing complex research and development projects; including stakeholder management and project management methods;
  • strong affinity with applied research and development in the field of robotics and mechatronics, and application areas such as inspection & maintenance, manufacturing, agriculture and safety & security;
  • experience with business development: project acquisition, project development, consortium formation and experience with national and international (EU) calls;
  • experience in leading and motivating a team of researchers and students, focused on the result and to contribute to their development;
  • experience in disseminating knowledge and Exploitation of project results in higher education and companies, including spin[1]offs and spin-outs;
  • driven to build regional, nation and International networks in the technology areas that the research group is active in;
  • leadership qualities and you are able to bridge the gap between market and science;
  • excellent communication skills in Dutch and English?

Then this may be the job for you:

  • initiate, compose and run projects with impact, in collaboration with companies, governments and knowledge institutions, in the context of national and international subsidy and innovation programs;
  • do portfolio management for the portfolio of projects in the integration research program of the research group, namely Unmanned robotics systems and Smart industrial system;
  • further develop the tactical and operation knowledge agenda with the (associate) professors of the research group;
  • manage the open innovation projects and steer project teams;
  • take on dissemination and exploitation activities (including meetings, webinars, publications, startups, educational modules );
  • further develop, structure, coordinate and expand the research projects with the project team and consortium;
  • formulate assignment to masters and bachelor students in the context of running and new projects;
  • (possibly) participate in projects of the research program.

Your new working environment
As technological developments and innovations change the world making it smarter every day, Saxion University of Applied Sciences asks itself: how can we best contribute to this? Now and in the future.
At Saxion we believe that to be part of tomorrow’s world we need to learn, think and act differently together. We can do this by focusing on Living Technology. For us, the question is what do technological innovations mean and how can they contribute to humanity, society and our planet? This starts with the way that we connect knowledge and technology.

Saxion provides forward-looking and flexible education. Ready to answer the questions of tomorrow and tailored to suit individual talents and abilities. We teach our students to look at social issues from a broad perspective and to come up with practical solutions.

This includes enthusiastic, collaborative employees who dare to move with the changing world and who are continuously improving education and support for our students.

We are an open organisation with and for talent. Interaction with the world around us can only take shape in an open culture.

Saxion wants to be an organisation focused on talent development and knowledge sharing, where everyone feels welcome and can be themselves.

Research with impact
Issues in society form the basis of our applied research. We connect students with researchers and experts in the professional field.  
Together we work on sustainable solutions for social issues. Real solutions, that let businesses and organisations take the next step and so shape our future together.

Our region is the place we are proud of and feel connected with. Although we also look beyond our national borders. We stimulate the entrepreneurship of our students and put knowledge and innovative power into practice. Together with our partners and the business community, we are strengthening our region.

At the School, Life Science, Engineering & Design (LED), we train technical professionals who can undertake interdisciplinary work, innovate and apply technologies in conjunction with one other. We believe it is important to interweave social issues and research into education. That is why in the domains of Life Science and Engineering intensive collaboration between research, education and the professional field takes place, in which students are also closely involved. We offer an inspiring and effective learning, work and research environment, focused on applied technologies and recent (inter)national developments in the broad professional field. LED delivers applied research and education to approximately 2.700 students and employs approximately 230 employees. Education within the School centres takes place in the following study programmes: Bachelor: Biology & Medical Laboratory Research; Chemistry; Chemical Engineering; Forensic Science; Industrial Design Engineering; Computer Science; Engineering Physics; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Mechatronics. Master: Applied Nanotechnology. AD: Engineering.  Research within the School takes place in eight research groups: Lightweight Construction, Sustainable Energy Systems, Industrial Design, International Water Technology, NanoBio Interface, NanoPhysics Interface, Mechatronics and Advanced Forensic Technology.

The research group of mechatronics at Saxion is the largest research group, in which applied research and innovative solutions are developed in the research programs of Unmanned Robotic Systems and Smart Industrial Systems, with specialisations in sensing & perception, control &manipulation, and cognition &AI. Together with the regional and (inter)national partners, the group develops innovative, impactful and applicable technologies and technological solutions based on the latest scientific insights. The research group is active in several projects involving more than 100 public and private partners. Currently, the research group employees more than 26 research engineers and more 300 students are involved in the running projects annually.

What do we offer?
The employment is for one year, with a possibility of extension. Depending on your knowledge and experience, the salary is maximum € 5717,25 (pay scale 12 - cao HBO) at a full-time working week. In addition, you receive 8% holiday allowance and a thirteenth month. Saxion is committed to equal opportunities and diversity.

Is this your job?
Apply quickly ! Applications can be submitted until May 23, 2021. Click the button saying 'apply'. Depending on the situation and

regulations at that time, the interviews take place physically or online, within Microsoft Teams.

This vacancy is open both, internally and externaly. By equal qualified candidates, internal candidates have priority over external candidates.

If you want to know more about this job offer, you can contact Femke Startmann by mail : [email protected] or call 074 - 246 9210.