Project Manager

Project Manager Security Management

Project Manager Security Management
Our market group Nedap Security Management develops and markets innovative systems for the physical security of buildings and grounds. This includes; access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection. As a leader in the international industry for physical access control and security management, we base our products on state-of-the-art software and hardware technology. Many top companies use our security solutions. These include banks, large public buildings, airports and multinationals.

Description role
Project management responsibilities include the coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and within scope. Oversee all aspects of projects. Set deadlines, assign responsibilities and monitor and summarize progress of project. Prepare reports for customer stakeholders regarding status of the project, i.e. the project manager is responsible for all operational issues during the execution of a project.

The project manager is in the lead of a project and will not let the Client take the lead. The project manager is able to identify whether or not items/services are out of scope and should indicate this to the Client and control these (e.g. “push back”, claim additional work or perform/deliver these items/services free of charge for commercial reasons).

Main Tasks: 
• Leads, controls and steers the project
• Starts-up new projects following initiation from the programme manager
• Engage installation partner in consultation with Channel partner management
• Is responsible to identify if hardware is certified for the country of installation
• Initiates project roll-out, incl. initiation of kick-off meeting in consultation with Global Client
• Provides instructions to the Global Client regarding the Security design tools
• Performs the initial security design check
• Prepares and submit hardware offers to the installation partner and Global Client
• Is the chairman of weekly progress calls
• Participates in the project steering board calls
• Facilitates the pre-,post-, commissioning process
• Initiates project close-out call
• Initiates submittal of invoice  

• Is responsible for all operational issues during execution of the project
• Check hardware certification for country of destination
• Accountable to finalize a clear scope
• Accountable for continuous and accurately updating Fortes Change Cloud
• Identify and mitigate risks/issues within the project
• Is the main point of communication of Nedap for the project

Communication (skills):
• Strong verbal and written communication skills (English)

Other essential job characteristics:
• Is assertive, takes leadership and is always a step ahead.
• Keeps a helicopter view and is pragmatic
• Be able to tell the difference between major and minor issues
• Is a decision maker
• Knowledge of a security design and entrance list or willing to learn